Left: Cover Design                                                                              Right: First and second pages
The maze or labyrinth-like design is meant to reflect the navigation aspect of thinking and talking about death. Many people also remarked that death and grief often felt like a maze.
Above is a full, digital version of my book.
As a takeaway for the project, I created a small booklet that provides space for the reader to reflect on after viewing the main book.
I felt as though a separate space to write and think might help in a continuing thought. I also wanted the booklet to be an approachable length that was not too text heavy. Pictured on the far right is a blank page with a light grey dot grid which repeats for three more spreads.
At the show, I displayed certain spreads in poster format. 
I also created a few buttons using the illustrations seen throughout the book.
Art Director: Michelle Bowers
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